Metzger Law Group P.A.

At Metzger Law Group, P.A., we provide your best options in civil defense litigation needs in West and Central Florida. Our expectation is to negotiate conservative settlements, obtain a dismissal of the claim or to secure a defense verdict in your favor. To that end, we pursue your defense in an aggressive and cost-effective manner.

We have the talent and resources to provide you with the highest level of representation. Our attorneys are well educated, aggressive and dynamic. They have substantial trial experience, a broad range of legal knowledge and the drive and competitive edge to assist you in all your legal needs.

Metzger Law Group. P.A. is a smaller, boutique firm with big firm resources and abilities. We focus on you, the client, providing individualized attention as you deal directly with the attorney handling your case. We are thoroughly prepared. No matter what the amount at issue, or how complicated the issues are, we create a cost-effective litigation strategy to bring the case to a successful resolution, be it a favorable settlement or a victory in court.

Our attorneys can assist you in evaluating a case pre-suit, rendering a coverage, liability or damages opinion, and help you to avoid future litigation on similar issues. We are skilled in problem solving and use creative strategies to invoke case solving opportunities.

We thrive as the local counsel on referral cases from other firms. When a national or regional company needs defense litigation in our jurisdiction, we provide experienced local presence. Our clients are our best referrals and have stayed with the individual attorneys in this firm throughout the course of their careers. Our attorneys continue to provide them the results and counsel they need. Insurance companies nationwide recognize our success in defending their cases and rendering legal opinions for them in Florida.