Product Liability

Product liability defense provides legal defense for designers, manufacturers and distributors of products who have been sued based upon a Plaintiff’s allegations that a product was poorly designed, poorly labeled, had a manufacturing defect, was tampered with, or overall had something go wrong with it in the course of its production or distribution. Most products are regulated and tested by either government or trade organizations to protect the public and most manufacturers have internal quality control programs to ensure that the product they produce is safe for the public and fit for its particular purpose. If the product is used properly in the manner described by the designer, manufacturer or distributor, liability for injury or damage associated with a product or its use can be limited or eliminated altogether.

The attorneys of Metzger Law Group, P.A. have defended manufacturers, distributors, and sellers in personal injury and property damage cases involving alleged defects in design, manufacture, production, labeling, such as insufficient warnings or failure to warn, and distribution. The firm’s partners have significant experience in product liability defense litigation, having defended major motor vehicle manufacturers against product liability claims involving air bags, rollovers, seat belts, unintended acceleration and the crashworthiness doctrine. Additionally, the firm’s partners have defended other manufacturer’s products including electrical appliances, elevators, dental lasers, lawn mowers, forklifts, medical devices, spinal implants, paint and lacquers, pyrotechnics and gas tanks against defect theories based on design, manufacture, breach of warranty and failure to warn.

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