Mediation is one of the most efficient ways to settle a legal dispute. It is especially helpful in personal injury cases and makes it possible for both sides of a dispute to reach. It allows everyone involved to share their thoughts and opinions regarding the matter at hand, so there is a peaceful and cost-effective settlement that addresses both the financial and emotional issues in a case.

Benefits of mediation include:

  • Control of the outcome
  • Financial and time savings
  • Opportunity to express concerns and feelings about the situation
  • Teamwork and a sense of camaraderie
  • Preservation of existing mutually beneficial relationships
  • Easier transition from one phase to another, both personally and in business

The key to a successful mediation in Florida is to find a mediator that has the experience and skills to facilitate productive discussion. When a mediator understands the situation entirely and is able to keep disputing parties focused on resolving the matter, mediation is almost always a success. Mediation has an extremely high success rate and can be effective even when disputing parties appear to be nowhere near a solution. All it takes is a mediator willing to focus on finding the best solution for all involved.

Kari Metzger is committed to understanding the individual needs of clients and providing the broad spectrum of legal knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively and efficiently handle your case. Clients receive individual attention and are able to obtain a resolution that is cost effective and fair. If you are interested in using mediation to settle a legal dispute in Florida, contact Kari Metzger at 813.288.2650 or by email at or

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