Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution that helps disputing parties avoid the frustration and expense of a court trial. It utilizes the expert opinion of a neutral third-party to help settle disputes that might seem bound for the courtroom. Fortunately, when a Florida legal dispute can be settled through arbitration, it is beneficial to everyone involved.

Benefits of arbitration include:

  • Time savings
  • Money savings
  • Confidentiality
  • An opportunity to have a say in the matter
  • Ability to settle a dispute without making an enemy of the opposing side

Arbitration puts the outcome of a dispute into the hands of a neutral third-party, but unlike a trial, it does not include a long, drawn-out legal battle. Parties state their case and rely on the expertise of the mediator to provide the best solution, making the process as easy as possible for those involved.

Are you interested in using arbitration to settle a legal dispute in Florida? Joe and Kari Metzger are experienced arbitrators whose primary focus is in personal injury disputes. Joe is Board Certified as a Civil Trial Lawyer by the Florida Bar, which is the highest level of evaluation by the Florida Bar of competency and experience within an area of law, professionalism, and ethics in practice. He has also been AV-Rated by Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings.

Both Joe and Kari understand how the world of insurance claims work and are willing to help all parties reach a resolution that is fair and satisfactory. To learn more about how arbitration can help you reach a settlement fast and affordably, contact Joe or Kari at 813.288.2650.

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